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Milk & Eggs makes my life easier and will make yours too!

Milk & Eggs makes my life easier and will make yours too!

Farmers market delivered to your door


Being a working mom sometimes you lack in other areas of your life. Like finding the time to grocery shop or even wash my hair on time. So this is where Milk and Eggs come into play and saves the day!

They are a local Los Angeles grocery delivery service bringing the goodness of farmer market foods directly to your doorstep! They offer everything from local butchers to the freshest vegetables. The best part about it all is that I go online and add it to my cart and a few days later I wake up with my groceries on my doorstep.

I work odd hours, so this saves so much time in my week. Plus it ensures that I have organic fresh foods for my daughter to enjoy

Ge t$20 off your first purchase here!

Reading with Poot

Reading with Poot